Banquet Venue

Artus Court

Długi Targ  43/44 Street, Gdańsk  80-831

Located in the heart of Gdańsk’s Old Town, the Artus Court was built in mid 14th century by St. George’s brotherhood congregating affluent German knights. It served chiefly as a place for exchanging information among merchants, aristocracy and shipowners, housing masquerades, games, concerts, circus performances and festive meals. Even after the court was transformed into a stock exchange in the 18th century, works of art funded by the members of the brotherhood over the centuries remained in its interior “to commemorate the glorious past”. Partly destroyed during the Second World War, the reconstructed building is now part of the Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk, occasionally used for its original purpose during events of particular importance for the City.

A short tour around the venue will be conducted right before the banquet.

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